That was a fun party on Sunday Miss Kitty! Thanks very much!


Fantastic venue, fantastic atmosphere. Five men knelt naked before four astonishing Mistresses who took each one in hand for the time of their submissive lives. i was the wimpish one who had never previously ventured into tit torture nor into penis clamps and who howled with agony and delight. Plus a great time under the cane over several areas, which always leaves me panting and delirious.
The organizers were well prepared, putting me into a cell with bars, then a darkened solitary cell and then an in situ cage, so i could recover some strength while admiring the surrounding torments. What a superb way to spend a Sunday afternoon pushing boundaries under the strict command of four femme fatales.


I write to say thank you for a wonderful Circle of O Party, what a great way to spend a Sunday. Thank You ! for all that you did for me and many thanks to the other beautiful Dommes too, truly fabulous ladies !

A Thanks also to SJ¬†for being so welcoming and efficient. A brilliant dirty hard core pervlious joy ūüôā


Just a short note to thank you all for a wonderful evening.¬†All the ladies were stunning and severe, yet gracious in accepting boundaries.¬†Miss Kitty’s cruel¬†humour and obvious enjoyment in her work were a pleasure to behold.


Today it was in my first Circle of O party. I am ¬†not english ¬†and I don’t yet speak English very well (specially when I’m nervous this is usually the case when people are going to be tortured). I have to ¬†say that I was extremely well received by all the mistresses. I was particularly happy to serve as punching ball to Miss Kitty Bliss, which could have had a role in “Million Dollar Baby” as her boxing is perfect. Seriously Miss Kitty Bliss has a perfect BDSM technical mastery. She provides ¬†just the right ¬†abuse at the right time. Miss Bliss thank you for this long introduction to the tortures of Circle of O. After I was caned by Godess Cleo, ¬†she is so beautiful and so disturbing at the same time. I hope one day to be enough deserving, that ¬†Goddess Cleo will want to push the evil with the humble sub that I am much further. Finally I want to thank especially Miss Amy Hunter for the time she spent with me. There were other subs ¬†much r√©sistant and experienced ¬†that I was. ¬†Yet Miss Amy Hunter provided me some memorable face sittings and a very very good fist. Miss hunter I would worship your feet eternally ¬†for all that.

Finally, if you are subject, slave and adept masochistic do not hesitate to apply at circle of O, the mistresses are really of a very high quality. £ 120 is really not expensive paid for a such afternoon.


As my reading the testimonials on this site was instrumental in my own application to my first Circle of O party, it follows that I should provide one myself. And what a first party! I am given to understand the event I attended was¬†unusual in that (a) it took place in a domestic setting, rather than the usual dungeon surroundings, and (b) the Mistress-to-slave ratio of one-on-one is not the norm,¬†with a higher number of slaves to the number of Mistresses being the regular rule. So, three slaves, three Goddesses, and one maid to help clean devices and provide water. Sounds like Femdom heaven? It was! Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo, and Governess Ely, had the three slaves sit before and below Them,¬†and request a quick introduction from each, covering no-go areas and limits (which were all respected and adhered to in the following hours). The slaves were also given slave-names (my new slave-name is viking, due to my facial hair ((one of the Ladies has a ‘beard fetish’))¬†:oD ) and so the fun began. My favourite fetish, face slapping, was delivered expertly by Goddess Cleo, who¬†also did terrible things to my balls and nipples, with Miss Kitty sinking her talons into the sore spots with a sadistic smile. Governess Ely, who has a perfect attitude to Femdom, very much made me her own little project for the evening, and¬†happily used my¬†mouth as an ashtray, whilst¬†nonchalantly informing me what the two small keys¬†on her necklace signified, and how there¬†are usually three but how she has misplaced one.¬†Governess Ely demanded much worship of me, which I greedily gave,¬†as the Mistresses sat and discussed the punishments they had lined up for the other slaves in their lives, which was both chilling and fascinating. The strap-ons came out, and I was taken for a ride by two of the Ladies,¬†confirming that I am indeed quite the slut. With the evening winding up, I was complimented on my¬† worship techniques, and for having ‘big boy nipples’. Beaming with pride,¬†and nursing my nipples, I strolled back to the railway station with one of the other saves, swapping highlights of the night.¬†Will I go to another party in the future? Hell yeah!

slave viking

Quite Simply, Circle of O Blog  HERE


Once again I have been lucky enough to be allowed to attend a wonderful Circle of O party. The day started badly as I had a very stressful journey with major disruption on the railway and I arrived late. The ladies were kindly understanding and did their very best to make me feel at ease….I’m always nervous anyway so this was very much appreciated. It never ceases to amaze me that all these parties have different dynamics and are always a distinctly unique experience….you never quite know what’s going to happen and I find that tremendously exciting.

I was soon transported to that lovely Femdom heaven where your fantasy becomes reality. Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Governess Painless were totally adorable……as ever mixing their control and strictness with just the right amount of humour and levity in a thoroughly professional and caring way. Surrendering my mind and body to their whims never fails to take me into that amazing subspace where the cares and worries of everyday life have no place whatsoever.

I’m totally addicted.


Recently I had the privilege of being allowed to attend the Ladies of the Circle of O at one of their parties. Initially nervous I was soon put at ease by the friendliness of the Ladies present Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo, Ms Slide and Mistress Nikki.  The party was held in a well equipped 2 room basement dungeon and there were 8 males present, so just the right number to not be crowded and yet allow us each in turn some respite Рas the Ladies were relentless in Their ministrations!

 Limits were noted at the start and whilst respected, were pushed in a fun (for the Ladies judging by the laughter!) and safe environment.

 I hope to attend another Circle of O party soon.

slave r

Firstly I would like to thank Miss Kitty, Goddess Cleo  and Ms Mikki for the presence an awesome sight of Fendom beauty, This was my first Femdom party of any  kind that I had been to and was some what a little apprehensive but excited also in being given the privileged to attend.

On arrival I was met at the door by Miss Kitty and then given direction where to go and strip with the other subs for the nights entertainment and await ¬†to be called to the Mistress’s presence where in sub position an introduction from each sub was given and any questions to be answered that the Mistress’s asked.

Taken back down to the dungeon area each sub was collared and then blindfolded only to follow the instructions that they be given, the night carried on with various forms of pain skilfully administer and monitored by he Mistress’s ¬†and ¬†task set to them all of which had been previously agreed as not being boundaries, ¬†the Mistress’s always giving lots of attention and enjoying themselves with ¬†all the subs in turn it was a full night of Sadistic pleasure

The night for myself was exactly how I had hoped it would be and look forward to returning should the Mistress’s deam that I am ¬†worthy of being before them again


Firstly with due respect I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity of coming to the circle of O party yesterday.

I really had a great time and enjoyed every minute I spent there especially the final part of it and I thank you all for the great time that you have given me yesterday.

I really look forward to seeing you again and hope you enjoyed me being your playful naughty toy.


I had another fab time at a recent Circleofo party, I got to try some new to me activities  which was really cool, and it looked as though the other subs present had a really good time.

I have been to parties before and the ladies present are always mindful of any limits, from my own prospective the ladies try to push limits within a¬†rational atmosphere. at the end I was wonderfully tired and spent the journey home reliving all the marvellous ways I had been ‘dealt with’

im looking forward to being allowed to book for another party soon.


I want to say big thank you ¬†to Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo, Lady Sophia Black and Miss Sarah Jessica.That was my first party and I received more than I even expected, all of the ladies are stunning and they really know how to put you in your place, my boundaries was extended and the whole party was brilliant , I’ve been on the right time at the right place with the right people. Thank you very much again and I hope I will be allowed to book another one soon.

With respect , Michael

A gracious thank you to Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss, Ms Nikki and Lady Sophia Black for allowing me to serve in their presence.

If, like me, most of your previous experience is in one-to-one sessions this is a bit of a plunge but one you are very unlikely to regret. Certainly received more than I bargained for in the most exciting ways imaginable.

As you are never too sure what will happen next, the Mistresses can be utterly terrifying. But that is why you should be there.


I enjoyed the atmosphere set by the Dommes at the beginning, it induced a higher level of submissiveness,  which was part of why us subs were there. I certainly felt my limits were explored and to some extent raised in a consensual manner. I had the opportunity to try some avenues new to me. I left with the impression that the other subs who attended experienced the same levels and  I knew I wanted to attend another party.before I caught the train home!


Having recently been fortunate enough to be accepted as a member of the Circle of O, I attended my very first party last week.As a veteran of several Domina Parties, and being known to and knowing all the lovely Dommes attending I had no reason to be nervous, but as usual I was as nervous as ever.

Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss, Lady Sophia Black and Ms Nikki were the ladies to be served. The protocol and treatments were as promised decidedly more harsh and stressful than the Domina Parties but true to form limits and health issues were addressed at the start and strictly adhered to throughout in a thoroughly professional way. ¬†As a masochist pain is more my drug than servitude and I received plenty of that, but I also found excitement in my humiliation and enforced submission so my limits were once again pushed and extended. I had a wonderful time, as indeed I believe my fellow subs did too. Everyone got a fair crack of the whip and was able to submit to all of the Dommes….the treatments were appropriately relentless. Being in the thrall of 4 gorgeous Dominas, taking the pain in situations that excite me, doing my best to serve and please…..the whole evening was marvellous.

I need to be whipped and beaten until I can’t take any more….these ladies are expert in knowing just when to stop.

I so hope I will be allowed to attend another party very soon.


What a wonderful event.Surpassed all expectations. Great gathering of select ladies who knew how to dish it out. Serious slavery for genuine players. An event not to be missed. Met some really interesting people.


I just wanted to say thank you for letting me attend your Circle of O party. Since Sunday, I have continued to have trippy flashbacks to your dungeon, remembering scenes and sounds that are in turn intense, erotic, embarassing (in a good way), and downright hilarious.

It was amazing to be able to forfeit control of my body, and be left at the mercy of you and your friends.

Thanks again,

Humbly yours,