So you have been accepted as a member into the Circle Of O – a sought after and privileged position given to a select few.

You may now be wondering what a) happens regarding applying for our parties and b) the house rules and protocol upon your attendance.

To avoid confusion for your simple minds we have decided to divulge that information to you here.

Applying for parties:

  • It’s simple – as a member an email will be forwarded to you when party dates are confirmed with all the details you need to know including  times, dates. ladies attending, payment options etc.

Party Protocol:

submissives/slaves will…

  •  arrive promptly and on time
  •  only speak when spoken to
  • be courteous, well mannered and respectful at all times
  • make sure they present themselves in a clean and healthy state
  • give 100% service to ensure that the ladies are the focus of the evening, making their stay an enjoyable one

All activites are within the limits and boundaries of those attending and the ladies will respect this.

We do not tolerate lateness, rudeness or insubordination from unruly and unworthy specimens – you have been warned!