Circle Of O BDSM / Fetish Parties in London


Private Members


Circle of O presents prestigious parties held within a befitting dungeon facility in a Greater London location.

Your hosts are a seductively sadistic selection of experienced and strict Dommes who enjoy putting you through your paces.

Think along the lines of a boot camp themed party with hard labour, harsh punishments, confinement, humiliation and servitude – teaching you total obedience.

Exclusive attendance to members only.

Ladies of the Circle are Miss Kitty Bliss, Rebekka Raynor, Lady Deadly Nightshade, Ava von Medisin, Zara Du Rose, Miss Amy Hunter, Governess Painless, Goddess Asha, Lady Sara Borgia, Mistress Aleera & Volcanic Sparks.


‘Masquerades disclose the reality of souls’ – Fernando Pessoa